Sacred Space

A time for us to be in God's presence together through prayer, scripture, and worship.

We want to invite you, our church and community to join us each Thursday night at 7:00pm as we come together and seek God's will and His desires. These nights will be dedicated to these three things: 

  • Prayer - One of the most important things we can do as believers is commune with our creator God in prayer. As a church this is a vital practice that must be at the forefront of our lives personally and corporately. There will be time where we will pray as a group and time we will pray privately. 
  • Scripture - While the way we most easily talk to God is through prayer, the most common way God speaks to us is through scripture. During this time, as individuals are feeling led, scripture may be read aloud for all to hear. This will be a time we allow God's word to speak on its own without our own words getting in the way. 
  • Worship - Worship as we know it is often viewed as a set list of songs that are sung in a service. While this is good, we want to provide a space where we can worship more freely. While there may be some songs planned out, for the most part, this time is open for us to sing together, or on our own, as we feel led to worship and praise our God.