About the Teachers

Meet the teachers of Rosewood Park Music School.

Carol Shellenberg


Carol Shellenberg began her music adventure playing the flute in the Regina Lions Band at the age of eight. For many years she was involved with the concert and marching aspects of the band program. At the age of ten it was recommended that Carol began taking private lessons. Over the next number of years she completed grades two through nine of The Royal Conservative examinations. She was also involved in competitions in the city of Regina, Sask. Along with flute Carol was a part of the music scene in Regina through voice, and piano in her youth. As of late Carol has graduated with her Bachelor of Music from Ambrose University where she enjoyed being a part of choir, orchestra, and solo flute performances. While Carol continues to pursue her musical career, she is also working on her Early Childhood Education through Lakeland College.

Carol has been a private flute teacher for a number of years, and has had a number of students ranging in musical experience and age. For the last year Carol has also worked as a musical instructor to children in earlier years (6 months - 3 years of age) teaching the basics of music and demonstrating a wide variety of musical genres. Carol thoroughly enjoys teaching music, as she believes it equips an individual with a lifelong love and knowledge for a universal language.

Carol is now excited to begin her journey of Music Director at Rosewood Park School of Music!

Maria Guidos-Albert


Maria Guidos-Albert is a Saskatchewan native, and after living in Manitoba and Ontario for over 20 years, is now based in Regina. She is a violinist and a pianist, having her Performance A.R.C.T.s in both instruments. She is an alumni of Brandon University with a Performance Degree in Violin, and has studied with Ernest Kassian, Francis Chaplin, Gwen Hoebig, Nandor Szederkenyi, Dana Mazurkevich, and Sally Thomas, in both private and summer studies.

Previous Concertmaster and Principal Second Violin in the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and of numerous chamber, and small ensemble orchestras, she is presently a member of the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Guidos-Albert is an active chamber player, including ensembles such as the Timmins Symphony Quartet, and presently, a quartet comprised of Regina Symphony players (Amelia Borton, Andrea Hedlund, and Megan Zak), duos, trios, and ensemble works with people such as Simon Fryer, Natalie Williams Calhoun, Amelia Borton, Oxana Ossiptchouk, Marcelle Guidos, and Natalia Chabukiani.

Teaching since 1983, Guidos-Albert has a full studio of private lessons and chamber coaching.

Djoi Louise Mercado Anacio


Djoi Louise Mercado Anacio is a multi talented and gifted musician. She started playing the violin in the Philippines at the age of 10.

Upon migrating into Regina, SK ,Canada in 2014, Djoi passed the audition conducted by the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra where she played 1st Violin for 3 years.

She took the role of Asst. Concertmaster and soloist with the Regina Community Orchestra in 2015 where she is the youngest member. Djoi has also played solo for theater and chambers. She is currently an active member of the Concertino Regina and Exquisite Melodies. Aside from this, she also plays with the University Orchestra.

In a span of 2 years in Canada, Djoi Louise has already earned some notable achievements in her soft musical journey. She emerged the winner in both contemporary and classical categories during the Long & McQuade Strings Festival in May 2016. She was also awarded a gold medal for winning best in percussion - solo in mallet during the 40th Anniversary of the Regina Catholic Schools Band Association in April 2015 held at the Conexus Arts Center. She has received numerous citations both in Music and academic.

Djoi's passion for music emanates from the heart. Her style is uniquely hers. She does not like to limit her musical exploration to a particular music genre. Although basically trained in classical music, she prefers not to be strictly a classical musician as she wishes to connect with unlimited type of audiences and to explore versatility of style and technique in her musical expression. She plays her violin with the choir during Sunday evening mass at the Holy Rosary Cathedral on a regular basis.

Djoi is a student at the University of Regina. Her violin coach, Maestro Eduard Minevich, is a renowned musician and the former concertmaster with the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Ethan Perron


Ethan Perron picked up his first electric guitar at the age of nine and to this day has a hard time setting it down. He enjoys playing with other musicians and overall loves making music a part of his everyday life. Ethan has become a skilled guitarist through lessons and countless hours of practice. He has grown his guitar playing abilities through the years, learning many different styles of play. He’s very comfortable in the blues, classic rock, and pop genres, as well as dabbling in flamenco, classical, and funk. Playing both acoustic and electric guitar, he is versatile in the music he plays. 

Ethan believes in learning music through the experience of playing, with each song used as an opportunity to build on the basics in a fun way. He has experience with kids, with his highest level of experience being with children during hockey summer camp. Ethan is excited to share his skills and love of music through teaching and cannot wait to help students fall in love with guitar the same way he did.

Bethany Gadd


Bethany has been playing piano since age five. She is a third-generation music instructor, and in addition to the firm grounding she has received in piano technique and musical expressiveness, she brings an infectious delight to the task of teaching. She synthesizes a passionate musicality with an interest in the mechanics of healthy playing and a fascination with the theoretical aspects of music-making.

Bethany has attained her Royal Conservatory Level 8 Piano and Level 9 Harmony certifications. She is currently studying piano performance with Jenn Crawford. Bethany has played in performance masterclasses with guest clinicians Gordon Gerrard, Philip Chiu, David McIntyre, and others, and has participated in the Regina Music Festival. She accompanies congregational singing in church regularly and has participated as a singer in the Saskatchewan Youth Choir.

Though primarily trained in the classical tradition, her musical interests extend into other genres. Jazz improvisation and harmonization are directions that particularly intrigue her.

Bethany aspires to lead her students into both well-developed skills and a lifelong love and understanding of music.

Gabe Omolida


Gabe was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada at the age of 9 where he started to play the piano. Playing quickly turned into a passion as he went through the Royal Conservatory of Music program. Gabe has completed the required theory tests and piano practical exams throughout. He is now currently a third-year student taking a Bachelors of Music Performance with Piano as my major, Dr. Katherine Dowling as the key professor during these studies.

Also involved heavily in the community as a member of our music committee and a regular collaborative pianist for choirs; the Regular Choir, Chancel Singers, and Contemporary Group. On top of everything, Gabe enjoys singing in choirs as a member of the Halcyon Choir and a member of the University of Regina Chamber Choir.

Gabe has been teaching piano for a number of years and is now looking forward to continuing at the Rosewood Park School of Music.

Sarah Schell


Sarah has been playing piano since she was seven years old. She is currently studying piano under the instruction of Jenn Crawford. Sarah has participated in the Regina Music Festival several times throughout her piano career. In addition to piano, she played the trumpet within her school band and was involved with the Regina Christian School choir.

Although she mainly focuses on learning classical pieces, Sarah has taken a liking to the jazz and blues genre. She also enjoys exploring different arrangements of Christian and Pop music. Sarah believes that exposure to a variety of genres is key to producing a well rounded musician. She encourages young musicians to do the same.

Sarah’s love for music is a key reason for wanting to pass down her knowledge to younger students. She enjoys working with children and is eager to lead her students in their musical journey. Sarah’s patience, kindness and musical knowledge is what will shine through her piano instruction.